About us


We will find one day, in a land not so far from here, schoolyards filled with laughter and children dressed in fantablüous clothing. These children will be free to be themselves and discover the universe around them, and they will be dressed in clothing that reflects their image, clothing that is Blü. That day will be no different from any other day, no special occasion, except we will celebrate the freedom and the joie de vivre that is so precious to children. 

These schoolyards will simply be fantablüous, made dazzling by the beauty of the children and their clothing. And it will be the same the next day and the day after that. Every day will be a day to celebrate the magic of the moment, to treasure each day as we do on special occasions. 

Little by little, the laughter and the sense of liberty that fill this schoolyard will grow and transform the schoolyards of the world. And day after day, from Montreal to Paris, New York, London, Amsterdam and in the cities on the far side of the globe, we will celebrate the laughter of these free, authentic, fantablüous children. 



  I admire and I'm dazzled by the greatness of children.  

                                                     - Victor Hugo